The Addison Lee Group can deliver outstanding service for you at a scale and quality no other transport partner can provide. With industry-leading driver training, sophisticated in-car safety technology, and support available 24/7, we provide outstanding service from start to finish – for when you need more than just a car.


Our dedicated team has years of expertise, so we’re always at your service.


We put service at the heart of everything we do. Making sure you only receive the best.


Available at the touch of a button; just use our app or website to book.

The Group comprises of three of the most experienced international ground transportation providers: Addison Lee, Tristar Worldwide, and Flyte Tyme. In 2016, these three award winning brands came together to offer world-leading services to support customers’ international and domestic travel needs. Through extensive infrastructure, technology, expertise, and scale, customers are able to manage all their global travel needs through a single digital platform.

Together, the Group delivers:

People: Our people matter. Our dedicated team has years of expertise, so we’re always at your service. Our drivers are fully vetted, background-checked, with correct licencing and insurance.

First class service: We take pride in our award-winning trusted and comfortable car service. It’s more than just getting you from A to B.

Excellent customer service: 24/7 customer support available for your passengers and bookers, and one point of contact – including for billing.

Technology: Over the years, we’ve invested millions in technology to ensure seamless operations, designed with your business and end user in mind.

Transparency: We work in partnership with our clients to offer full transparency and real-time visibility, enabling greater control over costs and activity.

Global Offering: We continue to grow our global presence and are able to offer pre-booked and on-demand services in over 80 countries around the world.


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